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      65 products

      It is safe to assume that the idea of a bag came forth when a person realised that our two hands were not enough to hold on to several things that we might need when we travel. Bags came into existence to rescue us from the load of carrying things with us in a single sack without much hassle. The humble bag evolved over time and took various shapes and forms. Today, it has become a style statement for men and women alike. One such bag that is popular in vogue for its sassy appeal is the ‘sling bag'.
      Sling bags for ladies are a chic and elegant way of carrying your personal essentials wherever you go. The straps are usually attached to a small or medium size satchel made of fabric or leather that you can wear across your torso or on the shoulder. The unique design of sling bags for women makes travelling with things like wallet, phone, keys, make-up items, etc effortless.
      It has become a quintessential accessory in any women's wardrobe that wants to keep with the trends and always move out in style. Ceriz sling bag is a perfect epitome of effortlessly glamorous philosophy that we proudly believe in. With a diverse variety of design, colour, and shape, Ceriz sling bags for women elevate your unique fashion persona.
      The ergonomic design of the sling bags makes it easy to carry around things comfortably. The straps of sling bags are versatile; therefore, you can wear the bag in different styles with minimal changes. Change the style of the sling bag according to your needs. Want a hands-free experience while travelling, wear the bag across your shoulder. Or planning to make an impression at a party, wear the sling on your shoulder or simply remove the straps to make it an elegant handheld clutch. Sling bag easily adapts according to your requirements.
      Designers at Ceriz make sling bags with love and care. The designs are meticulously crafted to meet the fashion needs of every woman. Vibrant colours, quirky shapes and overall highest quality material go into making a Ceriz sling bag. Every bag at Ceriz is built, keeping the latest trend in mind. Whether you are heading for a casual meet or an important meeting with a client, style in a sling bag with your attire and own the event.
      Ladies, before shopping for a sling bag online, you must know the different types of sling bags available for women. There are several types of sling bags in the market, however we have listed the ones that will enhance your wardrobe collection:
      Types of Sling Bags
      Classic Style
      Tired of carrying around your heavy purse? Classic sling bags come to the rescue. These bags have a strap that runs from the top of the bag and finishes at the bottom. The bags have interior pockets usually bigger than a regular size wallet to carry your keys, mobile, money, etc.
      Designer Sling Bag
      As the name suggests, designer slings are for special occasions in your life. These are fancy ones that come in various colours and designs, often seen with some embellishments on the bags that can suit your special event.
      Wallet/Clutch Style
      The only difference between a classic and wallet style sling is the strap. Wallet/clutch style sling bags often come with a chain or fancy leather strap attached to it. The space inside this sling is enough to hold your cell phone, cash, cards, and make-up items. It goes without saying that this type of sling bag suits for a casual outing or a coffee date.
      Messenger Style
      It is usually bigger than the classic sling bag and can be worn across your torso to your workplace. You can easily fit your laptop and other work essentials in this type of sling bag without any hassles. If you are looking for a hands-free experience while travelling to your workplace, the messenger style sling bag is for you. Instead of carrying this sling on one shoulder, it is best that you wear this sling across your body. It helps in distributing the weight of the bag appropriately towards your lower back region.
      Bucket Style Sling
      Like the design of a bucket, these sling bags are spacious and can easily carry most of your belongings that you would need for a small getaway trip. Usually comes with a drawstring which you can pull to open and close the bag like a ‘Potli’. Secure the bag's contents without a fuss. Own a bucket style sling bag for your casual outing or a short unplanned fun trip.
      The trend for sling bags in India is ongoing because of its versatile and minimalist design that elevates any attire. You can easily shop for women sling bags online at Ceriz online store. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated design or a quirky sling Ceriz slings will amplify your overall wardrobe collection. Our premium sling bags for women online collection will entice you to have more than one. Find a wide variety of bags with elegant style, rich colours, unique designs that suits you and go rock the world.