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      33 products

      Shoulder bags and women have a profound connection. These bags represent their entire life in a cocoon. Shoulder bags for women have a long history of evolution. Since the First World War, women shoulder bags symbolised freedom and power to do more. As women employment was on the rise, the need for handbags substantially grew and became more mobile and practical.
      The desire and unique need of every woman for a handbag that she can use in every stage of her life gave rise to the myriad of shoulder bags we see today. There is a shoulder bag for every occasion. The purpose of a woman's shoulder bag is more than being an accessory for carrying her belongings. It represents her identity, personal style, and enigma that speaks of her true self.
      At Ceriz we understand that every woman is special, and therefore we craft our shoulder bags meticulously so that it can match with your unique style of fashion. We live by our philosophy of effortlessly glamorous by manufacturing products that embody the word ‘bold’ and ‘chic’ in today’s fast fashion generation.
      By design, all Ceriz shoulder bags for women are stylish and elegant. They are easy to carry around and can contain all your secrets without spilling anything out. Ceriz focuses on quality products rather than quantity. Therefore, all Ceriz shoulder handbags for ladies are made up of high-quality material that make the straps sturdy and give a strong body to your handbag. The shoulder bag straps are also detachable, allowing you to change your style whenever you want.  With confidence, you can count on Ceriz shoulder bags to be your perfect companion in every high and lows of your life.
      Depending upon your need for shoulder bags, you can carry them in different styles. For instance, if you have a busy day ahead with back to back meetings with clients, or need to run multiple errands, a small or medium size shoulder bag comes handy. Just put them over your shoulder, and you are all set to go.
      For days when you want to have fun with your friends or plan on a holiday trip, the stylish shoulder bags can quickly convert into a cross-body bag, giving you a complete hands-free experience. Bring your bag in front to access your stuff and sling it back once done. You are all set for your fun day.
      Another interesting way to flaunt your stylish designer shoulder handbag is to carry it by the straps in your palms.  For a more classy look, you can also carry it on the crook of your elbow. Ceriz shoulder bags are extremely versatile that you can easily mix and match with any apparel of your choice. They will indeed enhance your outfit of the day. With a variety of  colours that can match with your everyday mood, choose the ones that suit you best. From the classic colours like black or brown to bold hues of pink or yellow, shop for Ceriz shoulder bags online and get spoilt for more.
      Shop for women shoulder bags at Ceriz online store and experience shopping like never before. The online shopping experience by Ceriz for ladies shoulder handbags offers a seamless navigation, clean and curated category, and an easy checkout experience. You can filter the handbags by occasion, style, colour, and price so that you get the precise information in every search. The navigation is designed to give you a quick view as well as detailed information on each handbag you decide to buy.
      If you are a man out there who wants to impress or express your love towards your beloved lady, you have come to the right place. Ladies, if you want to pamper yourself with some self-love and care, then Ceriz is your one-stop shop.  Ceriz offers premium and classic shoulder handbags that are absolutely irresistible for every woman. The handbags are designed exquisitely to fit every occasion and pocket. All Ceriz products are available at a very attractive and affordable price that you cannot stop yourself from splurging and will make you come back for more. Explore Ceriz online store for women shoulder bags and be mesmerised by the sophisticated craftsmanship that can complement any attire you choose to wear. So, what are you waiting for?