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      A clutch is the most contemporary style bag for a woman on the go. It enhances her personality and enables her to travel with essentials conveniently. This petite yet powerful accessory has made its appearance indispensable at red carpet parade entries. Celebrities can affirm that clutch bags for women complement their attire and act like jewellery in hand.
      Clutches were considered a status symbol for the wealthy but not any longer. So, whether you are a celebrity or not, you deserve a clutch. Clutch bags for women have taken over the fashion world from only being an evening accessory to an everyday essential. You can easily carry your personal belongings like cellphone, keys, money, cash cards, etc in a clutch stylishly.
      Ceriz clutches for women come in different styles, colours, and designs that are sure to make you look effortlessly glamorous in any attire. The craftsmen at Ceriz pour out their heart to design every clutch meticulously that can easily add that dash of elegance to your party attire. The offbeat designer clutches by Ceriz will make you a showstopper at any event. The rose gold touch to Ceriz clutches will keep you dazzling throughout your evening.
      Clutches for women are designed to draw attention and therefore, if you hold a clutch in any event all eyes are on you, as you become conscious in the way you hold it. There are different ways to hold a clutch that can boost your confidence when you step out.
      Ways to Hold a Clutch
      One Hand
      Usually during evening events, hold the clutch with one hand at the bottom like a newspaper. It is a good way to secure its content and keep the other hand free for the evening.
      Use of Index Finger
      Extending your index finger at the top of the clutch can make it like a gestural device during your casual day out.
      Under the Arm
      During special occasions where you might often be required to give attention to the camera for photographs or buffet dining, holding the clutch under your arm is another way of going handsfree. However, do refrain from holding the clutch under your arm throughout the event as it might appear that you may not be ready to mingle around.
      What gives a Clutch bag a hand above other types of bags
      The dual nature of a clutch bag makes it a versatile bag that can not only store your makeup essentials but also serve as a pouch to hold documents, if required. Most of the clutch bags for women come with detachable straps that give you an option to hold it as a clutch or take it across your body as a crossbody bag.
      Clutch bags may be petite but leave a powerful impression whenever you head out with it. They are lightweight and easy to carry around with less fuss of cleaning it every now and then. You can easily enjoy all your events without worrying about the thought of carrying a bag that would hinder your movement.
      Customise it as per your Style
      Clutch bags are a convenient go-to for any formal event. You can dress up in your formal attire and clasp the clutch that will easily blend with your style. To add that extra dazzle to your look, you can opt for a clutch that can be easily customised by removing the straps, making it a wristlet and completing your formal look.
      Quirk up your Attire
      Wondering how to refresh your wardrobe? A clutch is a fantastic accessory to help you to do so. Clutch bags for women bridge the gap between formal and minimalistic wear. You can sass up your summer wear by pairing a clutch with your maxi dress and breezily walk around without the worry of holding a tote or handbag. Clutch can also work with your formal wear when you want to don a minimal yet sophisticated look.
      Your Shoulders will Thank you
      It is not an easy task to carry around big handbags or totes for a walk as it puts strain on your shoulder and neck. A clutch can easily accommodate all the essentials you might need for that quick walk and make your evening convenient without adding any stress to your shoulder or back. Thus, clutches are a boon to you ladies.
      Shop for Clutches Online
      Now that you know the reasons for owning a clutch bag, it is time you go ahead and treat yourself with it. Choose from a variety of premium styles and colours of clutches at Ceriz online store to pump up your wardrobe at a pocket-friendly cost. Browse our site with a quick view as well as detailed information on each clutch you wish to buy. Explore our exclusive women clutches collection online available at a lucrative cost and complement any attire you choose to wear.